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Keep the future Button and Hamiltons enthralled and engaged at a racing party

Give your kids & teens the party they and their friends will rave about for weeks afterwards.

Every party provides for a unique racing experience that will provide the most exciting race event for the birthday boy or girl.

All Race Zone parties have been specially designed for all ages from entry level kids through to mid-teens.

Brilliant driving experiences tailored to ensure every party is super-fast and fantastic fun!

Why book with us

 Pre-Drive briefing and instruction from our Race Controllers
Practice session, qualifying and up to 4 races
 Podium and trophy presentation for TOP 3 Drivers
 Brilliant photo opportunity for the birthday group
 Lap timings and post-drive feedback for all drivers
Exclusive venue hire for up to 10 kids

Age Groups & Guide Prices

1 Hour Kids Parties with 2 races
(8 – 11 yrs)

From £169

Start your youngster’s racing career early with our kids parties for children from 8yrs.

All our kids parties are tailored for the younger driver in mind with special care taken to ensure that the event is fantastic fun but not overly testing.

Kids parties provide specially selected tracks and circuits that ensure the birthday boy or girl and their friends enjoy all the thrills of real racing in cars specially adapted for an easier driving experience.

8yrs and over – Height requirement 135cm

£199 PEAK (Sat & Sun)
£169 OFF PEAK (Mon – Fri)

1.5 Hour Cadets Parties with 4 races
(12 – 15 yrs)

From £249

Formulated for bigger kids and teens our Cadets parties are specially prepared to test the race skills of the future stars.

Cadets parties provide older kids and teens with the next level of racing experience offering a wider choice of race cars and a track selections.

Bring on the next generation of racing talent and test their skills at some of the world’s greatest circuits.

11yrs and over – Height requirement 135cm

£249 PEAK (Sat & Sun)
£199 OFF PEAK (Mon – Fri)

Taste of being a real racer

virtual racing simulator screen

Realistic experience in our simulators 

With our state of the art race car simulators.

Drive around the best circuits in the world

We have hundreds of tracks available for all levels of racer, build your driving skills at Donnington or conquer the winding streets of Monaco

BMW F1 car 2007

Let their first car be a Ferrari or a Porche!

Love your formula 1 or GTs? We are giving you the opportunity to drive your dream car!

 Get in touch about your kids big birthday plans