braking correctly guidelines

This is my guide to the perfect braking phases for a corner

Getting the braking right when going into a corner is crucial for a quick lap, if you try to go into the corner to quickly you will miss the apex and run wide, if you brake too much you will be slow through the corner and if you try and get on the throttle too early you will run wide at the exit. I have created a handy diagram along with some notes below which should really help you in the corners:

Green Phase

You should be going full throttle.

Red Phase

You should be braking to slow your entry into the corner.

Yellow Phase

Yellow is the neutral phase and you should be off the brake and throttle and heading towards the apex (tightest part of the corner).

Blue Phase

You should be gradually applying the throttle, with the aim of being full throttle as you exit the corner and heat to the outside of the track.