Reward the fantastic work and commitment of our UNIFORMED lads and lasses!

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Army, Navy or Air Force, Fire, Police, Paramedic or NHS – Discounts for all!

Bring the team from the station, the barracks or the local hospital for a special racing event.

Simply bring your FORCES or EMERGENCY Services ID, WARRANT CARD or Photo NHS badge and show it to our Race Control Team on arrival for your booking. Open to all Servicemen and Servicewomen, Emergency Services, Doctors, Nurses and Midwives.

What’s included in the discounts?

 Special discounts on bookings made between Monday to Thursday
 Available to all emergency services, armed forces & NHS Doctors, Nurses & Midwives
 Discounted Bar Prices and Special Catering Options (Surbiton)
 Book 10 or more racers and get extended drive time
 Exclusive venue & Race equipment access for groups over 10 drivers
 FREE Tea & Coffee throughout your event (Surbiton)
+ Friends and family are welcome but will need to pay the normal prices.

Race Formats and Prices

Choice of race format

From £19 per driver

Discount is available on all our Adult Group race event formats, these include our 2 race 45 minute sprint session  and our Grand Prix Special which includes 4 races in multiple cars on our specially selected race tracks and circuits which ensures every driver and ability enjoys their race event.

Taste of being a real racer

Realistic experience in our simulators 

With our state of the art race car simulators.

Drive around the best circuits in the world

We have hundreds of tracks available for all levels of racer, build your driving skills at Donnington or conquer the winding streets of Monaco.

BMW F1 car 2007

Drive your dream car

Love your formula 1 or GTs? We are giving you the opportunity to drive your dream car!

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